21. Juni 2018:

MCFdM – Mattia Caroli & I Fiori del Male

alternative experimental folk pop rock

Hampered by its giant wings, Baudelaire’s albatross returns to its exile on the Earth in the sounds of a group of musicians all born in Rieti between 1989 and 1993: Mattia Caroli, Valerio Brucchietti, Niccolo’ Jacopo Cavoli, Marco Turani and Lorenzo Di Toro. A group of cinema, jazz, literature united by one great passion -music and shared a spirit on enterprise. Vintage sounds with hints of 60’s psychedelia, lyrics inspired by the poètes maudits and the figurative art and a desire to be heard, despite the difficulties facing artists today are the distinguishing features of a band which in a year and a half has used the web to make its way into public eye with two self-produced videos views more then 35k views. For their debut EP Every Giro Day they chose and English expression referring to the day the unemployed collect their benefit payment in the UK, and the video for their first single Saturday Morning, with its Celtic atmospheres and surreal images of Lake Turano, made a real impact. It was on heavy rotation on RepubblicaTV and garnered thousands of views on YouTube, winning first place in the Best Music Video category at the Paris Art & Movie Awards 2015.

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